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Welcome to Belgian Air Travel – a travel agency specializing in business travel and missions

Organizing business travel is a daily challenge, Belgian Air Travel provide the following services for business travel:

  • A travel agency based in the head of Brussels
  • International experience over 43 years
  • Professional guarantees:
    • Travel agency license
    • IATA license
    • Travel Guarantee Fund member
  • Highly experienced and accurate travel agents with more than 15 years of experiences
  • Travel agents accessible by phone, email or at the agency
  • A complete service for organizing your trips and events
    • The booking of flights and train tickets
    • The booking of hotels
    • The booking of a rental car
  • The use of performance reservation tools for flights, train, hotel and car reservations


Belgian Air Travel provide the following experiences :

  • Complex routes
  • Find the best rates: this is where our travel agents will make the big difference and can achieve significant savings per ticket
  • Fast answers to very fast
  • Group bookings

Belgian Air Travel provide the following services for ticketing:

  • Detailed and comprehensive offers: multiple routes, different airlines, modification and cancellation conditions
  • Open book offers
  • Travel experts at your service for any request, modification or cancellation
  • Experts able to answer in several languages: French, Dutch, English, Italian and Spanish
  • Flexibility for all our clients (doctors, journalists, experts, etc.) in order to meet their needs. Our travel agents wait until the last moment to issue their tickets in order to avoid costs
  • Complete reporting in order to verify accounts and evaluate the policy of our client


A simple hotel booking can be time consuming : no availability, ignorance of the destination, quality at destination ,…

Belgian Air Travel has different booking tools:

  • International reservation system for professionals
  • Agreements with international hotels chains
  • Local contacts
  • Our own knowledge of establishments in many European cities and around the world


Our car reservation system compares all available rates on the market, this will allow you to get the vehicle of your choice at the best conditions on the market.

Belgian Air Travel provide the following services for rental car :

  • A GPS
  • Adapted insurance
  • Information for your itinerary

Belgian Air Travel can also respond to specific needs such as:

  • Cars with drivers
  • Private transfers or taxis
  • Limousines or helicopters
  • Boat: ferry, shuttle
  • Adapted vehicles

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