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Group Logistics

Welcome to Belgian Air Travel – a travel agency that integrates all services

Belgian Air Travel takes charge of the organization of your conferences, seminars and other events.

Perfect logistics is what you need at your business events. Rest assured, everything will be in place as planned on paper. Stay calm while we take care of the logistical details for you so that you can focus on the content of the event.

What we will implement for a number of 10 to 400 participants:

  • Transport: scheduled or private flights, train or bus tickets
  • Accommodation in hotels that meet your needs
  • Rooms and locations required
  • Decoration of rooms and locations
  • Audiovisual equipment
  • Activities: tours, teamwork and entertainment
  • Meals: cocktails, meeting menus, lunch and gala dinner

For your seminars, we have at your disposal a wide range of classic, traditional or special places, which have already earned us many successes in order to delight any type of customer.
Belgian Air Travel provide the following places for seminars :

  • An exclusive river cruise
  • A medieval castle
  • A football stadium
  • A museum
  • An airport hangar with vintage aircraft


The success of a congress depends on the professionalism of its organization.
This represents an organization that we can respond to with professionalism and flexibility.

Belgian Air Travel provide the following services for organizing a congress:

  • Destination proposal
  • Detailed budgets
  • Scout trip
  • Finalization of the program
  • Implementation of services

The necessary elements for a most successful congress:

  • The right choice of destination
  • Good transport logistics
  • Hotels with appropriate category
  • The quality of meeting rooms
  • Cocktails, walking lunches and closing dinners
  • Audio-visual materials
  • Parallel activities tailored to the public

Do you want to take your clients, doctors, surgeons or pharmacists, to an international congress?

Our knowledge of convention cities allows us to offer you very quickly the most trendy and recommended places for your customers.

Belgian Air Travel provide the following services to attend a congress:

  • Plane or train tickets
  • On-site transfers
  • Organization of your accommodation via the convention Center or directly
  • Booking your gala evening
  • Organizing a site inspection

Belgian Air Travel has developed a great expertise and reputation in terms of product launch.
The strengths of the agency for the success guarantee of an event :

  • Precise timing,
  • Infallible logistics
  • Dynamic crossover crew or team
  • Clear and precise budgets without being excessive financially

Belgian Air Travel provide the following services for product launch :

  • Proposal of different destinations and locations
  • Budget evaluation
  • Organization of lists: arrivals and departures, transfers, accommodation, etc.
  • Arranging scheduled or private flights
  • Roadbook to test vehicles on different routes
  • Organization of tolls and car parks with local authorities
  • Press conference: room, equipment, podium, lighting
  • Meals: from country lunch to gala dinner
  • Organization of vehicle flow: airport, cleaning, full fuel


Belgian Air Travel is your partner of choice for the organization of your press or public relations event

This is an unique and privileged moments to get a message across the world, to reinforce a brand or to collaborate with new partners.

Belgian Air Travel provide the following services for press and public relations:

  • Scheduled or private flights
  • Travel on site
  • Room set-up and equipment
  • Accommodations and meals
  • Good ideas to make a difference and keep accurate memories

With Belgian Air Travel is everything possible according to the budget and the needs of the event. We have infallible contacts all around the world. The attention to detail, the quality of the product, the support and the impeccable choice of services have created our reputation.

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